Hosn sizes range from XS to XL, W26″ to W40″, EU sizes 36 to 46 for gentlemen and 34 to 50 for ladies, or sizes 8 to 24 for ladies in the US and UK.

Measurement Guide

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You can take all measurements yourself with a regular tape measure. If you need assistance, let us or a local tailor help you.

For the best fit, please take all measurements on or close to the skin, not above trousers or jackets. Thank you!

How to measure your ready-to-wear Hosn trousers


Size (Waistband)

The only measurement you need for your Hosn is the width around the top of the hip bone where the waistband of the trousers will sit snugly.

1st important note: This is not identical to the usual “waist” size above the hip. So if your size is W32 for jeans it will probably be 33″ for Hosn!

2nd important note: Please measure above your underwear, not above your trousers (as pictured for aesthetic reasons). Hosn stretch, so they should sit tightly. When in doubt, go for the smaller size.

For example: If you have a waistband of 85 cm, the two closest Hosn sizes are 83 cm and 86 cm. Since the waistband stretches, you could go for a 83. Or you opt for a 86 and might have to wear a belt or tuck your shirt in to cover the extra centimeter – and you won’t have to worry about gaining a bit of extra weight.

Plus sizes aka Bauchhosn: Please measure where the waistband will actually sit, same as for regular sizes. The waistband will go under the belly and sit higher up on the buttocks.

Anatomical reference: Full circumference along iliac crest

Result: Approx. 29″ to 40″ or 74 cm to 102 cm

Length (cm)

To ensure Hosn will fit you, check if the length from above the waistband to your desired hem does not exceed 105 cm (41″) for ladies and 112 cm (44″) for unisex Hosn.

Note: Because the waistband covers the iliac crest, measure from slightly above the bone.

Anatomical reference: Distance between iliac crest and metatarsals (according to your taste)

Result: Approx. 88 cm to 112 cm

Length (inches)

The inseam length is different from the outseam length.

Jeans lengths in inches (e.g. L36) are measured at the inseam from the crotch to the hem.

Hosn come at a fixed inseam length of 32″ that can be extended up to 36″.

Anatomical reference: Distance between perineum and metatarsals (according to your taste)

Result: Approx. 32″ to 36″

How to measure your bespoke trousers


1. Size (Waistband)

As above: Full circumference along iliac crest.


2. Seat

Widest part of the hip, measured horizontally.

Anatomical reference: Widest circumference along gluteals, near trochanter major

Result: Approx. 80 cm to 120 cm or 32″ to 47″


3. Thigh

Widest part of the thigh, measured horizontally.

Anatomical reference: Widest circumference along thigh

Result: Approx. 40 cm to 70 cm or 16″ to 28″


4. Pant Length

As above, desired total length from above the waistband to the hem.


5. Inside Leg

As above, desired inseam length from the crotch to the hem.


* Cuff

Optionally, you can let us know your desired hem circumference at the bottom of the pant. If you prefer carrot or flare trousers, this measurement is for you.

Anatomical reference: Width of trousers at the ankle

Result: Approx. 30 cm to 50 cm or 11″ to 20″

How to measure your bespoke suit jacket


1. Shoulder

Width of the shoulders, used for the outer seams of the jacket, excluding the sleeves.

Anatomical reference: Sloped distance between the acromia (acromion is the outermost part of the bone on the shoulder). Drape the tape measure over the curve of your shoulders, past your lower neck, similar to the flow of the fabric of a shirt. No not measure in a horizontal straight line. Measure from the center of the bones.

Result: Approx. 40 cm to 60 cm or 16″ to 24″


2. Chest

Circumference of the chest, directly under the armpit. Stand upright, relaxed and with confidence, as you will in your perfectly fitting suit 😉

Anatomical reference: Horizontal circumference around rib cage, just below the armpits.

Result: Approx. 90 cm to 120 cm or 35″ to 48″


3. Belly

Width of the stomach.

Anatomical reference: Horizonal circumference along the abdomen.

Result: Approx. 60 cm to 120 cm or 23″ to 47″


4. Waist

Narrowest part of the waist. This is different from the waistband.

Anatomical reference: Horizontal circumference at most narrow part of the abdomen between the ribcage and hip bone. Measured 2″ / 5 cm above the belly (see above).

Result: Approx. 55 cm to 110 cm or 21″ to 44″


5. Waistband / Hips

Width around the top of the hip bone.

This is the same measurement as your Hosn size (see above).

Anatomical reference: Full circumference along iliac crest.

Result: Approx. 29″ to 44″ or 74 cm to 112 cm

6. Jacket Length

Desired total length of the jacket from the neck to the buttocks. The jacket just covers the buttocks.

Anatomical reference: Distance between the point where the shoulder meets the neck on the coronal plane (on your front silhouette), and the lower end of the gluteus maximus. The point of measurement is where the seam of your jacket will sit. To cross check, you can measure from below the C7 vertebrae to the lower end of the buttocks, which should give an almost identical result.

Result: Approx. 65 cm to 80 cm or 26″ to 32″


6. Sleeve Length

Desired length of the sleeve from the shoulder to the wrist.

Usually, the sleeve just covers the wrist and leaves enough room to show your shirt underneath.

Measure with the arm hanging vertically and relaxed, not unnaturally straight.

Anatomical reference: Straight-line distance between acromion and center of wrist bone (the protrusion of the ulna, not the pisiformis).

Result: Approx. 60 cm to 70 cm or 23″ to 27″


7. Upper Arm Width

Widest part of upper arm, measured with the arm relaxed and extended.

Anatomical reference: Horizontal circumference below the armpit around the biceps/triceps.

Result: Approx. 25 cm to 45 cm or 10″ to 18″

Send us your measurements

For bespoke orders, we will send you a detailed order form with a measurement guide. For Tailored Hosn Trousers there’s six measurements, and for the complete Tailored Agent Suit and Shirt there’s a couple more to ensure the perfect fit.

We can walk you through it, come by to take your measurements for the guaranteed fit, or as a seasoned pro just send us your numbers.

Of course you can reach out directly with any special requests you may have.

We love to support teams from security, law & law enforcement and the services industries. May the Hosn be with you.