Exchanging and Returning Ready-to-Wear Products

no one likes Exchanges

We’ll exchange your Hosn, no questions asked. Well, actually we’ll ask you what to improve to make sure the exchange fits your perfectly. If the size you’d like to exchange for is not in stock, we’ll put it on backorder and send them as soon as they are available again. Shipping costs for returns and exchanges will be on you. Please see the standard rates below.

We also offer an optional Pickup-and-Exchange service by UPS where we send you your new size and you return previous size directly upon delivery.

To avoid exchanges we are maintaining a detailed Measurement Guide. Please contact us for any questions before or after your order.


For ready-to-wear orders which are in stock, the general return policy as governed by local law is applicable. In general, that means you can try your new favourite Hosn and send it back to us for whatever reason (not that we can think of one) and we’ll return your money. Shipping costs for returns will be on you.

If shipping costs are not displayed separately during your order, then you will probably be benefitting of our standard shipping options that we include in the price of larger orders. The shipping fees that we will deduct from returns if not noted otherwise are:

EUR 7,90 for shipping in Austria.
EUR 14,90 for shipping in the EU.
EUR 24,90 for worldwide shipping.

For ready-to-wear pre-orders, e.g. on crowdfunding platforms or when using a pre-order coupon, we use your investment for production and will send the products as soon as they are available. So we can’t return your investment as soon as production has started. Since quality manufacture takes time, our low pre-order prices are a Thank You for investing in the next generation of Hosn. If we don’t meet the minimum order quantities, we’ll refund your investment in full. But surely, more Hosn will roam the world.

Exchanging and Returning Bespoke and Made-to-Measure Products

For custom-tailored products, we’ll create your new favourite garment asap and send it to you after we are satisfied with the quality check. Since there is literally one single person in the whole world who should be wearing them, there are no returns on tailored products.

We do however offer to take measurements for you, then check them for plausibility, compare to photos according to our Bespoke Hosn Measurement Guide, offer the option of try-on sizes for additional certainty, and to cover the first adjustment so they fit you perfectly.

If you have any questions or concerns, we are here.