Stretchy and Easy-Care Elegance

Hosn offer complete freedom of movement in elegance made for professional performance through the magic of our luxurious Italian fabrics.

Focus on what you do best – let Hosn take care of the rest.






Made in

dirt & water



how to wash trousers and shirts

Engineered to save time

Hosn are super-easy to take care of

  • Machine wash warm with like colours or hand wash
  • Smooth by hand and line dry
  • Wear straight off the rack and let them unfold on your legs. They are basically self-ironing.
  • Optionally cool iron (synthetics) or tumble dry. This will also revive the water repellent treatment.

Respecting your skin

Pants might spend as much time hugging your skin as your partner.

So we make sure to avoid harmful chemical components that might cause long-term health issues.

Our fabrics are OekoTex certified and bluesign approved to reflect our commitment.



Respecting our environment

We all share a responsibility to protect our planet.

Our fabrics are the cutting edge of textiles to ensure the most sustainable Hosn possible.




race-grade fabrics for the daily rush

Chasing perfection – an Italian tradition

Wear a gentle, cozy weave of rich black elegance that caresses the skin as it stretches naturally with your movements.

Our fabrics were conceived in Italy in the 1950ies for speed racing and have been continually refined into the wearable science-fiction that you can enjoy today.

Hosn are all about staying on the cutting edge, chasing the best and relishing the ride.

Accept no compromise

Trusting a garment to caress your skin as often as your partner might, takes immense quality.

We have channelled our passion for healthy fashion into quality fabrics with world-renowned Italian mills, where ecologically sound production ensures that even excessively wearing your Hosn 24/7 is still healthy – as expressed in OekoTex and bluesign approvals.


Have you ever been caught in the rain by surprise?

Just wipe that unintentional shower off the rain-tested fabric and enjoy the rest of your day until it’s time to make use of the re-emerging sunshine. How about rock climbing for the first time in a long time?

Rain tested AATCC 35-2000

Spray test rating 80/95

Timeless Science-Fiction

Enjoy elegance paired with never-seen-before functionality in ultra-light clothing. Thanks to high-tech functional fibres engineered for maximum performance.

The funky future is now: Highly stretchy but elegant, light but durable, water resistant but breathable, machine-washable but non-iron – we still find it incredible what science has come up with.

Don’t tear your pants

Do you know the feeling when you squat down or swing your leg up and you hear the seat of your pants tearing?

Judging by the number of expressions that hint at the phenomenon, it’s not a rare occurrence.

To avoid these awkward moments and make sure that you can move as freely as if you weren’t wearing pants (though we do recommend you do, at least when people are around), Hosn have an extra gusset with reinforced stitching made from durable, four-way stretch fabric.

I want all the flexibility

All of it!

Usually, stretch fabric is used only for areas of additional strain, such as crotch and knees. Stretch fabric is expensive and difficult to sew, so it’s economical to combine stretchy with non-stretchy fabrics. However, this creates extra seams and takes away the elegance.

So we have gone one step further and are using 100% stretchy fabric.

Flexible for the unexpected

Wearing pants entirely made of flexible materials has two additional benefits: The waist still fits snuggly when you gain a little weight or when you decide you want to wear an extra layer of insulation on cold winter days.

Secondly, they allow massive flexibility for the unexpected:

•  Change your pants without taking off your boots (useful in the outdoors and allegedly in other places).

•  Remove them without touching an injury that you may have sustained on your leg (and avoid cutting your favourite pair of pants in case of emergency).

•  Put on knee protectors on the inside without rolling up your trousers.

And surely lots of other secret agent stuff – let us know about your experiences!

Sweaty booty

Are you familiar with this: The conversation was captivating, and as you are lifting yourself up from your seat, you realise that you have been sitting on a leather chair in scorching heat and sweat has followed the call of gravity?

The black fabric we are using doesn’t turn much darker as it gets wet. Combined with it’s quick-drying properties and natural odour management, sweat marks are less of a problem.

Real pants need to address real problems, even if they are small. 😉

Perfect tropical cosmopolitan pants

Are you enjoying warm temperatures, but there’s still work to be done and shorts are not an option? Then Hosn might be the ones.

Beat sweat, rain and sunshine with the light-weight fabric of approx 200g/sqm and it’s moisture-wicking properties.

If you are lucky enough to be in the LAs, Singapores or Bangkoks of this world, you might find yourself going through the year in Hosn.



one shade to absorb them all

Why do all good things come in black?

If timeless elegance is what you want, there is only one colour choice: Black Beauty.

To be specific, we have opted for Pantone Tuxedo for dress pants and suits.

If you are looking for more than a seriously dark shade of grey, we have these options on offer (colors might go out of stock temporarily):

You can also order a dozen suits or a larger batch of trousers in any solid colour of your choosing. Great for CI-aware teams! Embroidery included.

Stone Gray

Dark Gray



Tech specs

Tech specs


all-over 35% four-way stretch
tensile strength of 1.000 N
light weight, non-sweaty 210g/m fabric
average for Jeans: 350 g/m


  • all-day smooth comfort
  • non-iron, wrinkle free
  • machine washable – no dry cleaning
  • breathable one-way moisture wicking
  • dirt- and water-resistant membrane
  • odour resistant – withstands fumes
  • quick dry
  • partially biodegradable materials
  • healthy OekoTex & bluesign textiles
  • Free of: Formaldehyde, Benzidine
  • made in Italy

Fabric Composition

  • Universal Trousers Body: 95% PA, 5% EA
  • Universal Trousers Lining: 60% CA, 40% PES
  • Cargo Hosn Body: 93% PA, 7% EA
  • Cargo Hosn Lining: 100% PES
  • Suit Body: 95% PA, 5% EA
  • Suit Lining: 60% CA, 40% PES


  • Waterrepellency ISO 5 UNI EN 24920 similar AATCC22
  • Abrasion 20.000 cycles 4/5 UNI EN ISO 12947-1
  • Pilling 2.000 cycles 4/5 UNI EN ISO 12945-1
  • Tensile Strenght Warp (≥) 1.100N UNI EN ISO 13934-1 similar ASTM D 5035
  • Steam Shrinkage ± 3% ANT Method 67/97
  • Washing Shrinkage ± 4% UNI EN ISO 6330/02 similar AATCC150
  • Shade ± 1 ANTMethod 22/97

Get your Hosn

Get your Hosn

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