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$33.00 $33.00

Make your Hosn unique with an individual print and show your inner 007.


Add a Personal Touch with Print or Embroidery

Highest quality screen printing elevates the fashion experience with a long-lasting impression.

Alternatively classical embroidery can distinguish your order as a unique hand-crafted item of fashion.

Individual Print on Your Hosn Trousers

The custom print will replace the “Hosn” logo beneath Champ the chameleon on the back belt loop: The ideal place to wear your exclusivity in a subtle yet constantly visible fashion – not just on the belt, but above any belt.

Start dreaming about the perfect text: The fewer characters you use, the larger the text will be. We recommend 4-8 characters with a maximum of 10ish characters.

Individual Print on Your Hosn Suit Jacket

The ultimate in bespoke individuality: Add a personal touch inside your Hosn Agent Suit Jacket and reveal your exclusive agent identity to select contacts.

Craft up to two lines with 20 characters each or keep it short and LARGE.

Alternatively send us an individual 1c .eps with 70 mm width x 20 mm height. Remember that hairlines might be too thin to print.

This upgrade is free for all Special Agent Suits.


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