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The Agent Suit


Unite Style and Freedom

The Agent Suit is mission-approved by field agents for the perfect tailored fit under the most demanding circumstances.

Slip into the ultimate in exclusive tailoring:

  • The Agent Suits are engineered with the same vision as the Hosn trousers. Made from the same stretchy Italian luxury fabrics, they the reduced lining further enhances freedom of movement and increases breathability.
  • They are incredibly light and comfortable, dirt-repellent and low maintenance.
  • The Agent Suits are manufactured to highest bespoke standards and come in a uniform two-button style with Italian vent, boutonnière latch, integrated white suede pocket square, lots of subtle pockets and optional personalization options.
  • Includes individually tailored Hosn Trousers with customized pocket layout.

Guaranteed to be the most breathable and movement-friendly suit you’ve ever owned.

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