Caliber Fashion is a unique collection of upcycled garments riddled with actual bullet holes.

Keep weapons from doing harm. Support anti-violence efforts.


Make Fashion, not War. Caliber Fashion.

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A Wearable Statement Against Violence and War

    • Take a strong stance against violence.
    • Get weapons and ammunition away from harming people and animals.
    • Value existing garments and resources, give them new life and new meaning.
    • Support disarmament.

Caliber Fashion uses upcycled garments and riddles them with actual bullet holes, using ammunition salvaged to be forever kept from harming people or animals.

We collect ammunition and weapons, to use them for art and then decommission them into film weapons. As such, they can support further anti-war messages.

We avoid the destruction of old garments by upcycling them into usable art.

Wear a gripping expression of protest against unprovoked violence.  



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