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Der Ånzug


Vereinen Sie Komfort und Eleganz

Die Wahl für Geheimagenten in exklusiver Maßfertigung:

  • Leichte und luxuriöse italienische Stoffe.
  • Maximaler Komfort durch atmungsaktive Bewegungsfreiheit.
  • Wasser- und schmutzabweisende, selbstbügelnde und pflegeleichte Handhabung.

Garantiert der angenehmste und bewegungsfreundlichste Anzug, den Sie jemals besessen haben.

Alle Anzüge werden individuell nach Maß gefertigt. Die Referenzgröße dient der ersten Anprobe.

Die Hosn


Eine elastische, schwarze Anzughose, die vollständige Bewegungsfreiheit bietet. Die Hosn ist für den Extremsport geschaffen und aus nachhaltigen Stoffen gefertigt: Eine elegante, waschmaschinenfeste und bügelfreie Hose mit einem raffinierten Taschensystem für Reisepass, Karten und Trinkflaschen.

  • Luxuriöse italienische Stoffe.
  • Elegant, maschinwaschbar und bügelfrei.
  • Geniales Taschensystem für viel Platz ohne aufzutragen – inklusive Maskentasche.

Vereine Gegensätze mit der Hosn.

The Belt

48,00 48,00

The woven stretch belt is freely sizable, comfortably elastic but still holds firmly.

  • Adjustable size
  • Doubles as a survival thingamathing
  • Black with black leather

Available in lenghts 90 cm to 130 cm.

Your ideal belt length is approximately your waistband +20 cm, e.g. 110 cm for a size 50 Hosn. Please add your size in the order notes.

The Daypack

0,00 0,00

The gadget for the carrying of stuff, codename „Hosn-Beutel“.

  • 100% natural cotton canvas.
  • Reinforced seams and sturdy cords for long-lasting mission-life.
  • Printed with Champ the Chameleon and the more subtle Agent on the flip side.

May it serve as a cover for all your undercover needs.

(NOT FOR SALE) Hosn are shipped in Daypacks instead of plastic to reflect our commitment to sustainability. Thank you for supporting us in reducing packaging. Curious about our Ethics?

The Hosn Cargo Trousers


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The ultimate trousers for the outdoors. Engineered for the post-apocalypse. Including a mask pocket.

Cargo Hosn support survival with a double-layer stretch fabric that is ultra-comfortable, warm, wind-proof and water-repellent yet breathable.

Uniquely featuring

  • MOLLE webbing for first aid kits, knives, etc.
  • Soft, integrated knee protection
  • Shin pocket, secret pocket, mask pocket

and all the other features you love in Hosn Agent Trousers.

Ready for anything with Hosn.

Thank you for choosing reduced packaging. Read more about our Ethics.

The Multi Clip

24,00 24,00

One tiny metal gadget for many uses

  • Tie Clip for Suits
  • Money Clip
  • Card Clip for credit cards and business cards

Also works as an accessory on collars and lapels, doubles as a hair pin and extends any survival package.

Laser-engraved with Champ the Chameleon.

The Shirt


Unite confidence and comfort with The Tailored Agent Shirt.

Made for the smoothest comfort these shirts are crafted individually to the highest bespoke standard.

  • Non-iron, breathable stretch fabrics.
  • Water-repellent and dirt-resistant.
  • Convertible cuff, ideal for both casual and Cufflinks.
  • Enforced collar, cuffs and plaquet for enduring elegance.

We’ll guide you through the fitting after you order to get the perfect fit.

May they be your new standard for any mission.