The suit trousers for business and sports

Functional suit trousers offering complete freedom of movement made for elegance and extreme sports – from sustainable fabrics.

Unite opposites with Hosn – the best trousers for business and sports.





Designed for


Elegant functionality


The secret agent’s choice


Unite the elements

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Supports your
every move

Enjoy ultimate freedom of movement, thanks to high-tech functional stretch fibres and an optimal fit.

Live your life, don’t conform.




Being presentable comes as part of the job. Hosn remain unimpressed by spilt coffee, animal hair, rain and dust.

They are also machine washable and don’t need to be ironed.

dirt- & water-


Pack light

An ingenious pocket system helps to keep your hands free without visual clutter – even when travelling only with a shirt.

Ladies, keep your essentials close by even without a handbag.

Hosn offer an unobtrusive pocket layout that packs a punch while maintaining elegance.


Born of adventure

Designed for extreme sports, stunts and combat, our suits and trousers dress to kill, and their hearts burn for the thrill.

They’ll keep you looking good from base jumping to sailing.

Thanks to durable, four-way stretch materials which are water-resistant, quick-dry, odour-repellent and light-weight.



Respecting our environment

We all share a responsibility to protect our planet.

Our fabrics are made partly from biodegradable materials and with a low environmental impact during production.

We stay at the cutting edge of textiles to ensure the most sustainable Hosn possible.



Respecting your skin

Trousers might spend as much time hugging your skin as your partner.

So we make sure to avoid harmful chemical components that might cause long-term health issues.

Our fabrics are OekoTex certified and bluesign approved to reflect our commitment.


Hosn at a glance

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    • Complete freedom of movement
    • Smooth and comfortable fabrics
  • null


    • Independent of time and trends
    • Tailored for formal and casual wear
  • null


    • No need to iron
    • Machine-washable
  • null


    • Water-resistant yet breathable
    • Dirt-repellent and durable
  • null


    • Unobtrusive and highly useful pocket system
    • Designed for a range of specific activities
  • null

    Original quality

    • Created in Austria with Italian fabrics
    • Made to meet European quality standards
  • null


    • OekoTex and bluesign certified
    • Incorporating biodegradable fibre

Pre-order now


The Hosn

£169.00 £150.00

Stretchy black suit trousers offering complete freedom of movement made for extreme sports from sustainable fabrics: Elegant, machine-washable and non-iron trousers with an ingenious pocket system for cards, passport and drinks.

Ideal for

  • Business & Sports
  • Modern Urban Active Lifestyle
  • Global Travellers

Unite opposites with Hosn.

Measurement Guide

Category: SKU: N/A


Technical specifications

  • Full freedom of movement: 135% stretchable
  • 210 g/m light-weight fabric (reference for Jeans is 350 g/m)
  • 1.000 N tensile strength
  • 12 pockets (reference for suit pants is 4)
  • YKK stretch zip – yes, even the zip stretches
  • Shirt clips keep your shirt tucked
  • Made in Italy from healthy OekoTex & bluesign textiles


Pre-order now: The next batch of Hosn will go into production soon. Claim your pair by pre-ordering and get them onto your legs before they are sold out. A pre-order guarantees you will be able to share your adventures with your shiny new Hosn.

A note regarding lengths: If you are sporting legs for days, the hem can be easily extended by up to 6 cm / 2.5″ by adjusting only a single seam.

Looking for the perfect fit? Consider bespoke tailored Hosn.

Additional information

Weight0.9 kg
Dimensions20 × 25 × 7 cm
Length (cm)


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Use cases


Fits what you love

Hosn reimagine the way trousers can support individual freedom.

We gathered top athletes, military and law enforcement special forces, outdoor survival experts, passionate extreme sports enthusiasts, martial artists and combat instructors, filmmakers, parents, pensioners, entrepreneurs, globetrotters, digital nomads, butlers and stunt world record holders – all for one thing:

Create the most functional elegant trousers in the world.

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High-tech innovations that help you unleash your potential

Machine-washable non-iron suit trousers

Hosn pack cutting-edge functionality into a design of timeless elegance.

Here are some of the highlights of the ingenious pocket system, the design elements, the classical straight fit and the functional fabric.







dirt & water


Pocket System

discreet pockets optimized for real humans

Pockets as versatile as life

Hosn sport twelve pockets but remain sleek enough to pass for suit trousers.

All pockets are made of stretchy fabric, ensuring a tight fit to your body, reducing friction and offering extra space when necessary.

Front Pockets

secret pocket

Stay secure

Travelling smart is one thing, but it’s always comforting to know that you can empty your standard pockets and still hold on to your passport, some cash and a backup credit card –

thanks to the hidden pocket.

secret pocket

Just in case

The safety pocket is shaped as a conceal carry holster.

It fits most common popular handguns but is ideal for G23-sized firearms.

Obviously, conceal carry may be highly illegal in your country.

2 x SIDE pockets

Beat the cable chaos

Handy for cables of earphones or batteries: A small opening at the inside top of the side pockets. Hide wires and tuck them under your shirt, even when wearing large headphones.

This way, you cannot lose those expensive cordless in-ear phones. 😉

2 x inset pockets

Quick to reach

Each side pocket has one inset pocket, sized for small accessories up to the size of credit cards.

The bottom of the inset pockets is shaped in a way that makes it easy to reach the bottom with your fingers.

Back Pockets

2 x card pockets

Fumbling for business cards?

Stay a step ahead with symmetrical card-sized pockets, excellent for all-in-one card holders and business-card holders.

Inconspicuously situated just below the waist at the back, these barely visible pockets offer extra sorting space for cards, small change, keys, EDCs and accessories.

2 x thigh pockets

Thirsty for more?

Keep a bottle in your thigh pocket and your hands free for more pressing matters.

Perfectly placed at arm’s length, the subtle pocket mouth opens to a deep pocket, ideal for bottles, paper magazines and rifle magazines.

The pocket ends above the knee so as not to chafe against the calves when running or climbing stairs.


never seen before features

Innovation that puts you at the center

Freedom and confidence are the cornerstones of the design of Hosn.

They were designed from the ground up to offer maximum support for your favorite activities.

4 x shirt clips

Keeps your shirt tucked

Clip any shirt onto the waistband thanks to an ingenious four-point attachment.

The clips integrate into the waistband and can be ordered with every Hosn.

Why was this not invented sooner?

Padded rear waistband

A pad on the back

The broad waistband sits nicely on the hip bone to protect it from impacts and chafing. This also aids the snug fit and keeps your underwear from showing when squatting.

Enjoy it when rolling, carrying backpacks or other heavy objects, leaning on walls, prone on the back, etc.

YKK stretch zip

Even the zip stretches?

The YKK front zip is extra sturdy and stretches along with the fabric.

The puller is also smoothly operated with one hand or gloves.

Extra long zip

Boys will be boys

We’ve taken the liberty of using a longer-than-usual zip, so you have the space you need when nature calls.

The sewing around the fly also prevents fabric from getting caught in the zipper.

5 x belt loops

Fits any belt

There are five belt loops around the stretchy waistband, ensuring a comfortable fit for any belt.

To ensure a long life under strain, the belts loops are extra broad, yet visually balanced with the waistband.

The wide belt loops are also suitable to be worn with tactical and battle belts.

2 x side loops

Easily attached

The two belt loops at the side offer another, small extra loop to conveniently attach carbines and clips.

Use them for torchlights, keychains, multi-tools, handcuffs, etc.

Extra belt loop

Wide rear belt loop

The extra sturdy, wide loop at the back makes it easy to get a belt through without fiddling.

The width also enables you to clip pens or knives to it horizontally.

front button

Flat, hidden button

To avoid any unnecessary pressure points, the button at the front is extra flat.

It also handles easily with a single hand and gloves.


fits who you are

Tailored by top runway designers

Born in high fashion but crafted for real-life. Hosn strive to make everyone equally stylish, with respect to individual body types and tastes.

For absolute individuality, our bespoke products inspire ideal confidence. After all:

It’s about who you are and not what you wear

Stretchy waistband

Gaining and losing a bit of weight is natural. Your clothes should be there to support you and your figure.

That’s why we keep our waistband flexible and size changes of +5 cm (2″) are not something anyone besides you needs to notice.

Hosn fit who you are and who you work to be.

Are you sporting legs for days?

Our ridiculously long hem seam allowance allows for easy elongation of the trouser legs of up to 8 cm.

We have yet to find legs that aren’t covered by that!

Don’t reveal more than you intend

The high-cut waist sits nicely on your hip bone and keeps your underwear from showing – even when kneeling.


If you like to wear your trousers in the one true length, Hosn has you covered needing only a single seam adjustment for shortening.

Only for you

Get the perfect fit with our bespoke products tailored specifically to your measurements.

Shop now


race-grade fabrics for the daily rush

Chasing perfection – an Italian tradition

Wear a gentle, cozy weave of rich black elegance that caresses the skin as it stretches naturally with your movements.

Our fabrics were conceived in Italy in the 1950ies for speed racing and have been continually refined into the wearable science-fiction that you can enjoy today.

Hosn are all about staying on the cutting edge, chasing the best and relishing the ride.

Accept no compromise

Trusting a garment’s fabric to caress your skin as often as your partner might is a big choice and should take immense quality.

We’ve looked far and wide to find partners who are passionate about healthy and sustainable materials who can also channel that passion into quality fabrics.

The result is a partnership with world-renowned Italian mills, where ecologically sound production ensures that even excessively wearing your Hosn 24/7 is still healthy – as expressed in OekoTex and bluesign approvals.


Have you ever been caught in the rain by surprise?

Just wipe that unintentional shower off the rain-tested fabric and enjoy the rest of your day until it’s time to make use of the re-emerging sunshine. How about rock climbing for the first time in a long time?

Rain tested AATCC 35-2000

Spray test rating 80/95

Timeless Science-Fiction

Enjoy elegance paired with never-seen-before functionality in ultra-light clothing. Thanks to high-tech functional fibres engineered for maximum performance.

The funky future is now: Highly stretchy but elegant, light but durable, water resistant but breathable, machine-washable but non-iron – we still find it incredible what science has come up with.

Don’t tear your trousers

Do you know the feeling when you squat down or swing your leg up and you hear the seat of your trousers tearing? Thinking that it’s going to be an embarrassing trip back home?

Judging by the number of expressions that hint at the phenomenon, it’s not a rare occurrence.

To avoid these awkward moments and make sure that you can move as freely as if you weren’t wearing trousers (though we do recommend you do, at least when people are around), Hosn have an extra gusset with reinforced stitching made from durable, four-way stretch fabric.

I want all the flexibility

All of it!

Usually, stretch fabric is used only for areas of additional strain, such as crotch and knees. Stretch fabric is expensive and difficult to sew, so it’s economical to combine stretchy with non-stretchy fabrics. However, this creates extra seams and takes away the elegance.

So we have gone one step further and are using 100% stretchy fabric.

Flexible for the unexpected

Wearing trousers entirely made of flexible materials has two additional benefits: The waist still fits snuggly when you gain a little weight or when you decide you want to wear an extra layer of insulation on cold winter days.

Secondly, they allow massive flexibility for the unexpected:

•  Change your trousers without taking off your boots (useful in the outdoors and allegedly in other places)

•  Remove them without touching an injury that you may have sustained on your leg (and avoid cutting your favourite pair of trousers in case of emergency)

•  Put on knee protectors on the inside without rolling up your trousers by reaching down from the top

And surely lots of other secret agent stuff – let us know about your experiences!

Sweaty booty

Are you familiar with this: The conversation was captivating, and as you are lifting yourself up from your seat, you realise that you have been sitting on a leather chair in scorching heat and sweat has followed the call of gravity?

The black fabric we are using doesn’t turn much darker as it gets wet. Combined with it’s quick-drying properties and natural odour management, sweat marks are less of a problem.

Real trousers need to address real problems, even if they are small. 😉

Perfect tropical cosmopolitan trousers

Are you enjoying warm temperatures, but there’s still work to be done and shorts are not an option? Then Hosn might be the ones.

Beat sweat, rain and sunshine with the light-weight fabric of approx 200g/sqm and it’s moisture-wicking properties.

If you are lucky enough to be in the LAs, Singapores or Bangkoks of this world, you might find yourself going through the year in Hosn.


one shade to absorb them all

Why do all good things come in black?

If timeless elegance is what you want, there is only one colour choice.

To be specific, we have opted for Pantone Black Beauty as a timeless choice for dress suits.

If you are looking for more than a seriously dark shade of grey, we have three options on offer:

  • Our crowdfunding stretch goals will unlock additional colour options: Stone Grey being the first, followed by Khaki.
  • As a kickstarter exclusive, you will be able to order a custom-tailored suit in Stone Grey
  • As another kickstarter exclusive, you can order a dozen custom-tailored suits in any solid colour of your choosing

Tech specs


all-over 35% four-way stretch
tensile strength of 1.000 N
light weight, non-sweaty 210g/m fabric
average for Jeans: 350 g/m


  • all-day smooth comfort
  • non-iron, wrinkle free
  • machine washable – no dry cleaning
  • breathable one-way moisture wicking
  • dirt- and water-resistant (ISO 5) membrane
  • odour resistant – withstands fumes
  • quick dry
  • partially biodegradable materials
  • healthy OekoTex & bluesign textiles
  • made in Italy


12-pocket system for biz, sports & combat
average for suit trousers: 4
free of metal parts
1.000 uses 😉


  • timeless cut, great fit
  • tailored by top run-way designers
  • suitable for work and leisure
  • special elastic stitching
  • YKK stretch zip – even that stretches
  • shirt clips keep your shirt tucked
  • easily extendable hem
  • padded waistband for extra impact safety
  • low profile button for single-hand use
  • engineered in Austria
  • designed for a global community



The expertise behind the Hosn

We come from a peculiar spectrum of backgrounds, but we are all driven by a passion for unrestricted freedom and a love of ingenious solutions that make our daily lives better.

In combining our expertise, we have created outfits that we believe benefit not only specialists, but will also enrich your life.



Creator of the Hosn

Markus is an action director, martial arts black belt, university lecturer, weapons master and the man behind several Guinness world stunt records.



International Fashion Designer

Helga is a renowned runway designer, exhibiting in Paris and working for top brands around the globe.



Experience Designer

Thomas is a renowned crowdfunding consultant and interaction designer, as well as the photographer for the Hosn.



Outdoor expert

Martin is a technical engineer and military officer with a passion for pushing the limits.



Marketing Consultant

Sinazo is an inspirational presenter, entrepreneur and –possibly– secret agent.

take a look into the heart of Hosn

So what’s the story? And what’s with the chameleon?

Find out more about what drives us to create the best trousers and suits out there, how far we have already come and what the next steps are.

Steps that we would be happy to take with your support.

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Get your pair now

simplify your wardrobe decisions

One for all

Save on sweatpants, yoga trousers, suit trousers, dry cleaning and even holsters – invest in something we hope you will love to use every day of your life.


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