The pants for business and sports

Functional suit pants offering complete freedom of movement made for elegance and extreme sports – from sustainable fabrics.

Unite opposites with Hosn – the best pants for business and sports.





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Use Hosn for


Elegant functionality


The secret agent’s choice


Unite the elements



Supports your
every move

Enjoy ultimate freedom of movement, thanks to high-tech functional stretch fibres and an optimal fit.

Live your life, don’t conform.




Being presentable comes as part of the job. Hosn remain unimpressed by spilt coffee, animal hair, rain and dust.

They are also machine washable and don’t need to be ironed.

dirt- & water-


Pack light

An ingenious pocket system helps to keep your hands free without visual clutter – even when travelling only with a shirt.

This one is easier for the ladies: Without a handbag, it can be tricky to keep your essentials close by.

Hosn offer an unobtrusive pocket layout that packs a punch while maintaining elegance.


Born of adventure

Designed for extreme sports, stunts and combat, our suits and pants dress to kill but their heart burns for the thrill.

They’ll keep you looking good from base jumping to sailing with durable, four-way stretch materials which are waterresistant, quick-dry, odour-repellent and light-weight.

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Respecting our environment

We all share a responsibility to protect our planet. Our fabrics are made partly from biodegradable materials and with a low environmental impact during production.
We stay at the cutting edge of textiles to ensure the most sustainable Hosn possible.


Respecting your skin

As they might spend as much time hugging your skin as your partner, we make sure to avoid harmful chemical components that might cause long-term health issues.

Our fabrics are OekoTex certified and bluesign approved.

Hosn at a glance

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    • Complete freedom of movement
    • Smooth and comfortable fabrics
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    • Independent of time and trends
    • Tailored for formal and casual wear
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    • No need to iron
    • Machine-washable
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    • Water-repellent yet breathable
    • Dirt-repellent and durable
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    • Unobtrusive and highly useful pocket system
    • Designed for a range of specific activities
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    Original quality

    • Created in Austria with Italian fabrics
    • Made to meet European quality standards
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    • OekoTex and bluesign certified
    • Incorporating biodegradable fibre


The Hosn Universal Trousers


(17 customer reviews)

Stretchy suit trousers offering complete freedom of movement, engineered for ultimate professional performance.

  • Sustainable Italian luxury fabrics.
  • Elegant, machine-washable and non-iron.
  • Ingenious pocket system for cards, passport and masks.

Unite opposites with Hosn.

Limited stock available. Get them while they’re black.

Category: SKU: HOS010SAT


Universal Trousers for Ladies & Gentlemen

Hosn are the jeans of the 21st century: One pair of pants to rule them all!

  • Ideal for business and sports
  • Suits an active urban lifestyle
  • For global travellers & home officers

Explore more.


Measurement Guide

Let our measurement guide help you in picking the right size.

Length can be easily extended by adjusting only a single seam.



Enjoy non-iron and dirt-repellent elegance. Discover more about Fabrics & Easy Care.

  • Full freedom of movement: 135% stretchable
  • 210 g/m light-weight fabric (reference for Jeans is 350 g/m)
  • 1.000 N tensile strength
  • Skin-friendly OekoTex & bluesign certified textiles made in Italy



In our commitment to sustainability we ship your Hosn in Daypacks instead of plastic.

Thank you for supporting us in reducing packaging. Curious about our Ethics?

Additional information

Weight 0,6 kg
Dimensions 20 × 25 × 7 cm

Ladies XS 34 W26, Ladies S 36 W28, Ladies S 38 W30, Ladies M 40 W32, Ladies M 42 W34, Unisex S 46 W30, Unisex M 48 W32, Unisex M 50 W34, Unisex L 52 W36, Unisex L 54 W38, Unisex XL 56 W40, Unisex XL 58 W42


The Extendables 32" – 36"


Black Beauty, Khaki (pre-order), Navy (pre-order), Dark Gray (pre-order)


Guaranteed Fit, Ready-to-Wear

17 reviews for The Hosn Universal Trousers

  1. Ivan

    Sooo the Hosn are
    A) super cool and sexy! I mean you really can always use them.
    B) comfy! Elastic, no matter if you do Parkour or Taekwondo, you forget that you are wearing “suit trousers”.
    C) we have seen that it’s not easy to stain, and they have gadgets like the things for the shirt.
    D) why should I buy any other pair, when you can do 2, 3 different activities with one pair. Or?

    Usually, when I wear a suit, I would not think to do anything other than stand or sit. With this Hosn I can be more spontaneous, if I want to do a Chuck Norris kick, then I do it, afterward I ask for a Mojito ??

  2. Peter

    At first, you notice the elegance. Simple, business-like cut, subtle colour, good fit.
    As soon as you slip into them, the comfortable fabric. Elastic, doesn’t stick, even in hot weather.
    But the strengths really come out during physical activity. Really elastic, even when you are doing gymnastics or Yoga. Non-sticky, even when you are really sweating.
    Very robust, even when you are doing e.g. falls or rolls on concrete (during the latter, your hip bones will be grateful for the padding waistband). The thick version is also comfortable in cold wind and rain, because it’s water-repellent and wind-proof.
    The only drawback of the prototype (for now?) are the missing zip-pockets to store valuables, other than that these trousers are really thought out to the last detail!

  3. Leon

    I have tested the hosn extensively in the past; they truly fit the standard for business setti gs while still allowing for full range of motion! I even tried performing complex movements while having all the pockets filled fully – they are very well placed.
    Just know that they can get very hot. In the summer, you truly get boiling with these! However in the winter, that’s great.

  4. Tom

    Great option for anyone who has to do physical labor in an environment that has a dress code.
    With the unobtrusive black design they fit with galas and events, the additional pockets are great and don’t make it look less elegant. The main point though is that they don’t restrict movement at all!

  5. Klaus

    I had the chance to try one of these great pants. My test took place at skiing in winter. I have worn the pants on several days of skiing. The weather was from very nice to cold and windy.
    I tried the pants without long underpants. In extreme cold outdoor situations, I would now recommend a long underwear, but it depends on the kind of body movement – when touring a long pants won’t be necessary. The comfort of wearing and the feeling on my skin were super and I did not felt some electrostatics. Because of the elasticity of the fabric, the pants are suitable for extrem movements without restricting them.
    Trying to melt some snow on the hosn, did not end up in a wet trousers. The water repellent was perfect!
    And because of the elegant style, I was able to wear the hosn further on the day without changing to a normal jeans.
    Perfect fit and pleasant feeling!

  6. Florian

    Bis jetzt war die Hosn radfahren, auf der großen Schaukel im Prater, Calisthenics, Locking tanzen und im Alltag immer total praktisch. Und wirkt immer noch frisch und sauber.
    Sehr cool!

  7. Bert

    Die Hosn is wöd! Bin begeistert! Ich glaub, ihr werds damit echt an super Erfolg ham, das Produkt is top.

  8. Ruth

    Ich bin immer noch sehr glücklich mit meinen Hosn. Hab gerade erst vor zwei Tagen wieder (wie recht häufig) eine lange Lobesrede auf Hosn bei der Familienfeier angestimmt. Ich habe mich sehr schnell an den Luxus gewöhnt, alles einstecken zu können. Ich glaube die Leute schauen mich auch oft neidisch an, wenn sie sehen, was ich alles aus meinen Taschen hole 😉
    Nachdem das in fast allen Lebenslagen praktisch ist, ist es derzeit immer noch meine meistgenutze Hose. Zum Arbeiten und Reisen sowieso; für Sport, Wandern etc. ist sie auch super. Und ich hab sie auch an, wenn ich bei Freunden auf der Couch liege, um mein Handy einstecken zu können.
    Nur beim Schwarzbeer-Brocken musste sie Zuhause bleiben. Weil ich nicht sicher war, ob sie durch Gestrüpp hirschen unbeschadet mitmacht 😉
    Sie überlebt bisher auch das Handwasch-Programm der Waschmaschine sehr gut. (Tatsächliche Handwäsche ist bei viel genutzter Kleidung bei mir eher utopisch). Es sind die ersten “schönen” Hosen, die ich auch wirklich viel in der Freizeit bzw. einfach für sehr unterschiedliche Tätigkeiten anhabe. Und bisher macht sie alles ganz wunderbar mit.

    Kurz: immer noch die beste Hosn – Die ganz große Liebe!

  9. Mario

    Die Hosn… Mei Hosn is super! ? echt Überall großartig

  10. Dimitris

    Just received!!! Excellent fit. Thank you HOSN!!!

  11. Eva

    Just got them and am in love! They are utterly perfect. Thank you so so so much! If you ever make these also in grey or navy I’m getting them. The best pants I have ever had. So stretchy! Already did some splits and loving it!

  12. Eva

    The material is really amazing

  13. Christine

    get me the perfect hair of posn!! pair of hosn, whatever, just gimme them pähnts

  14. Hero

    Das erste Gefühl, gaaaanz toll, wie eine zweite Haut, die Hose spürt Frau nicht.

  15. Ruth (verified owner)

    Hosn are the pants I have always dreamed of! They are everything I am looking for in pants and more.
    1.) Loads of pockets!!! I missed pockets on women’s pants may whole life and I hate to carry around a bag all day. It’s truly exciting to comfortably carry essentials in my pockets at all times. I can’t live without large pockets anymore.
    2.) They are sooo comfortable and flexible. I never had an elegant pants that truly allowed a full range of movement in whatever I do.
    3.) Combining these two features, the pockets are holding things inside when you move. This is awesome for various activities, not only at work or while traveling but also for sports, dancing or anything else I do.
    4.) The attention given to details, like the padded waistband and the clever positioning of the pockets, make it an awesome experience to wear them.
    5.) They look (and fit) really good! They are the perfect pants in any situation and so comfortable, that you never want to take them off.
    I received my first Hosn, fell in love, ordered another one, and have been continuously wearing them ever since.

  16. Thomas

    “Wer eine Jogginghose trägt, hat die Kontrolle über sein Leben verloren.” Karl Lagerfeld.
    Den Spruch hört man als Physiotherapeut häufiger…
    Jetzt gibts eine Alternative 😉

  17. Victor

    Received the size 46 and those are AMAZING it fits perfectly, better than the 48.

    So I’m extremely pleased with this pants probably in a near future I’m going to buy one or two more and they are going to become almost my daily pants.

    Thanks for this amazing product.

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Use cases

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Fits what you love

Hosn reimagine the way pants can support individual freedom.

We gathered top athletes, military and law enforcement special forces, outdoor survival experts, passionate extreme sports enthusiasts, martial artists and combat instructors, filmmakers, parents, pensioners, entrepreneurs, globetrotters, digital nomads, butlers and stunt world record holders – all for one thing:

Create the most functional elegant pants in the world.

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The team behind the Hosn

We come from a peculiar spectrum of backgrounds, but we are all driven by a passion for unrestricted freedom and a love of ingenious solutions that make our daily lives better.

In combining our expertise, we have created outfits that we believe benefit not only specialists, but will also enrich your life.


Markus Weilguny

Creator of the Hosn,
 action director and trainer

Ich bin eine Description Ich bin eine Description Ich bin eine Description Ich bin eine Description Ich bin eine Description Ich bin eine Description





International fashion designer, Paris Fashion Week among others

Ich bin eine Description Ich bin eine Description Ich bin eine Description Ich bin eine Description Ich bin eine Description Ich bin eine Description


Florian Pfeffer

International fashion designer, Paris Fashion Week among others

Communications specialist and head of online medi


Who s that?


Who is the creator?

Born out of necessity, Hosn were created by a passionate filmmaker, action director, martial arts black belt, university lecturer, weapons master, man behind several Guinness world stunt records and founder of

Markus believes in movement as a fundamental truth of being alive. It comes naturally that Hosn are all about fostering the freedom to move, to be spontaneous, to explore the potential of our world through our own body.

At the same time, our global community is based on cultural norms that create certain expectations, including how we ought to dress for certain occasions. Markus has always focused his energy on more important matters, but being underdressed makes many things just a little bit harder – costing even more energy.

Hosn take care of your wardrobe decisions, so you can go back to doing what you love.